St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church

This “cathedral on the bayou” represents Romanesque Royal architecture in the south.


St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church was first built at its location in 1850 as a wooden structure, which was tragically destroyed by a fire. In 1927, the current brick and stone structure was completed. The huge Roman Basilica style building is 70 ft. wide by 250 ft. long and is considered the purest example of Italian Romanesque architecture in the South. It’s grand architecture features massive exterior columns matched by huge oak doors. Moving inside, you are greeted by various features typical of the Roman basilicas, from the classical columns lining the nave, to the great ciborium magnum covering the high altar. The long walkway to the altar is marked by more columns and intricate stained glass windows made in Germany after World War II.

Wednesday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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