Carville Hansen’s Disease Museum

The only hospital in the nation to treat Hansen’s Disease, the museum now serves to tell its story.


NOTICE: The interior of the museum is temporarily closed for renovations. The driving tour is still available. Please notify the guards at the gate that you are taking the driving tour. Brochures for the driving tour will be on the front porch. Driving tours are available from sun up till sundown. For additional details, please see below.

The Carville Hansen’s Disease Museum, hidden away on the back roads of Carville, is actually the site of abuse and miracles. The museum tells the story of the leprosy quarantine hospital developed on-site and operated, first by the state of Louisiana, and then by the U.S. Public Health Service. In 1992, the National Park Service placed the Carville Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Also referred to as the Gillis W. Long Center (GWLC), the museum is one of seven Louisiana National Guard Installations statewide.

Exhibits and self-guided audio tours are available. The history covered spans 1894 to the present.

The driving tour is available seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. Driving tour flyers can be picked up at the front of the museum or you can view the online map.

Note for Visitors:
Since the Hansen’s Disease Museum is part of a National Guard installation, you will have to pass through the military gate to reach the museum or take the driving tour. Take Point Claire Road until it ends and make a right at the military gate. Let them know you’re there to visit the museum or take the driving tour, and they will let you in.

  • Group Tours
  • Accessible

Thursday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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