Old Turnerville District Tour

Two charming houses full of history and stories of those who came before.


The Old Turnerville District is not just about houses, but it’s about the people who lived here, and how they survived together as one family. It is a great area for a walking or driving tour, featuring two charming homes that are open for tours by appointment only.

Marietta’s House is a large, raised cottage featuring a wide front gallery. Built in 1879, it is furnished with an impressive collection of antiques and accessories form the Empire, Victorian and Napoleon III periods. Marietta Gelpi Loupe arrived in Turnerville when she was sixteen years old, entered this two-room house and lived here all her life until she died in 1983. This house holds many of Marietta’s stories throughout her life.

Miss Louise’s House, located across the street, is an 1800’s cottage framed by wisteria vines. Built in 1879, it is furnished with a collection of antiques and features a pink parlor and gift shop.  It is the proverbial grandma’s house with lace curtains, fancy porcelain, oil lamps, faded family portraits and inviting wicker furniture on the back porch.

Thursday: 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

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